Blue Eyes Technology Report

Introduction to Blue Eyes Technology Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of Blue eyes. Today, the computers which we use are not enough intelligent though they perform tasks faster.  Hence Blue eyes technology has been developed. In this the ability to understand human emotions is given such that we can interact directly with the computer.

For example, If we touch the mouse it can understand what user is expecting. Blue eyes technology uses biometric sensors such that they can cause incredible effect in detecting emotions. 

Brief into Blue Eyes

It mainly consists of two parts data acquisition unit and central system unit. Data Acquisition Unit consists of physiological parameter sensor, voice interface and ID card interface etc. ID card interface provides a separate id to user and pin code is provided. Jazz multi sensor for sensing different physiological parameters. Voice interface is used to transmit the operator’s voice.

This mobile unit is used to receive the information from sensor, for managing Bluetooth connections and to handle personalized ID cards. Central system unit consists of real time buffers for processing the incoming data  Connection manager for managing connections and to receive data, data logger module processes the information, data analysis module for processing the output of the sensor and for identifying emotions, alarm dispatcher module is used to check alarm conditions and provide desired output, visualization module makes operator to access the database easily.

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