Planer Milling Machine Accommodated With Drill Head

Introduction to the BE Mechanical Project:

            In earlier days, planers and shapers were popularly used but have been rendered obsolete now. The milling machines have superseded them as the best machine tools since the speed of metal removal is quantitative in nature. This project “Planer Milling Machine Accommodated With Drill Head” explains about milling machines. These machines are of two kinds: double housing and open-side.

          In the double-housing, vertical supports are present on both sides of the long bed whereas in the open-side arrangement, vertical supports are only on one side thereby permitting the work piece to extend beyond. Using mailing machines increases the production rate. Since the drilling and planar surface machine is incorporated in one unit, power is saved and there is no transfer of tones between machines.


     In this project Plane milling machine, the work piece is lifted and hoisted in position on the machine bed. It is then secured in the holding fixture with the aid of wrenches and position is verified using gauges or calipers. The machine is then started and automatically operations are done and if tools have to be changed then the machine is stopped and tool changes are made. Then the machine is started again.

         If the work table or machine table has to be leveled, it can be done by using a long flexible liquid column which is a simpler technique. Leveling of work tables is not difficult and can be achieved by using spirit levels or other techniques. In this project, the drilling head is fixed to the lead screw of the arm using half-nut arrangement and this saves time and power.


    This project is very advantageous as maintenance of the entire unit is simple and it is also a cheap process. For leveling of the work table, skilled workers aren’t required. The work tableset up time is considerably reduced and lengthier tables can be leveled with application of less effort.

Download Planer Milling Machine Accommodated With Drill Head Mechanical Project Report and Final Documentation.

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