Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine


  1. Introduction of Machine
  2. Objective
  3. Methodology
  4. Literature Survey
  5. Material Solution
  6. Schematic Diagram

Introduction Of Machine

  • Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc.
  • But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts.
  • We found the Problem of this kind That’s why we are invented the Mechanism which is Known as automatic walking Machine.
  • It is the machine which is Run or Powered By Motor or Drilling Machine, Which is transmitted to Warm Gears which is connected to Mechanism of Links.
  • Mechanism of links looks like Lepord’s Back side legs.
  • All-over machine frame may be made from Steel or wood.
  • üMechanism May be made from wood material.
  • It is electrically powered machine where no need of Fuel.
  • Capacity Of This machine will be 70 To 80 kg.

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