Plasma Arc Welding and Machining Project Reports


           In this Mechanical project “Plasma Arc Welding and Machining Project Reports” is explained. Plasma arc welding (PAW) is the process of joining metals that are produced by heating using a constricted arc placed between an electrode and work piece. Plasma arc machining (PAM) uses a high-jet and high-temperature jet of gas to melt substances in its pathway.

        The plasma welding process was used in the year 1964 and has brought better control to arc welding process. Plasma preserves its original advantages and gives an advanced control to produce long electrodes for higher productivity. Plasma process can be performed manually as well as automatically. It’s been utilized for precision welding of surgical instruments and also to the welding of kitchen equipments.


        In this project Plasma arc welding and machining for welding purposes the plasma is heated to a very high temperature and then ionized for electrical conduction. This plasma gas is forced and arc through an orifice and the metal to be welded is melted. This high temperature of plasma provides an increased heat transfer rate and results in high welding speeds and deep welding depth.

       PAM is a process of thermal cutting that uses a narrow beam of high-temperature plasma that is used to melt and separate the metal. The arc is formed in between a negative electrode and the workpiece which is positively charged. The metal is melted from the heat derived by the transferred arc and the high-velocity jet removes the molten matter from the cut. This is used for extremely thin welding.


This project has been highly successful in lot of applications like the automatic repair of jet engine blades. However due to the expense involved in using this process, it is not preferred generally.  But, there are still a lot of changes which could be done to make this process a cost-viable option.

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