Optimum Design of an Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator

Introduction to the B tech Mechanical Project:

           An acoustic enclosure is defined as a containerized vessel for housing generators. This Mechanical Engineering Project Optimum Design of an Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator is aimed at designing acoustic enclosure that can reduce noise levels and increase the reliability and durability of generator sets. It also easily serviceable and offers better working conditions.

         This enclosure is used to prevent sound from escaping. The enclosure is installed on the site around the fixed generator. They can be used as a single unit and to optimize appropriate lifting points along with selection of proper beams and columns. Air ventilation is necessary in an enclosure to remove exhausts, providing clean air for combustion.


           In this project, Optimum design of an acoustic enclosure for diesel generator as air comes in through the enclosure, the temperature increases. The temperature difference is the variation between alternator and outdoor. Cross ventilation and flow of fresh air is mandatory for good operation of genset allowing air flow from alternator to engine end. Thus inlet and outlet openings are incorporated without compromising soundproofing.

       To design an opening that allows air to pass through with minimum entry of foreign particles a ventilation product called louver is used. Any obstruction in the air flow gives rise to resistance reducing the velocity. Thus, for proper enclosure ventilation is to choose louver dimensions by making note of company standards, louver considerations and prescribed static pressure.


       This project is easy to use and considers the frequency range. However accuracy is less as only transmission losses are taken into account and not insertion losses. An optimization in the code for an acoustic enclosure. Optimal weld thickness can be used and application of computational fluid dynamics of flow through the acoustic enclosure. An additional sound reduction of 10 dB can be realized through insertion loss phenomenon.

Download Optimum Design of an Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator Mechanical Engineering Student Project.

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