Wireless Electricity Bill Reading Machine

Wireless Electricity Bill Reading Machine embedded system project explains about developing new wireless application for electricity billing. In present scenario manual method is used to calculate electricity bill which is a time taking process, in this process meter readings are noted and then calculated manually which require lot of manual work.

As the technology growth is high there is need to developed alternate method which can increase efficiency of work by using minimum human resource and which should also complete task in less time.

This proposed system is a wireless billing system which uses Infra red and smart printer technology to implement meter reading system. In this system EB people will hold a wireless system which will communicate with meters by using infra red signals. Initially authentication is the first step between EB equipment and meter then meter will send meter reading though infra red signals to EB equipment. Then it will calculate total amount based on reading and display it on LED screen with printing option.

This paper explains about introduction to project, working principle,circuit diagram and details of the hardware equipment used for implementing this project.

download  Wireless Electricity Bill Reading Machine Embedded system Abstract.

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