Phone Charging Alert Android Application

Title: Phone charging alert

In our day to day busy life we have no time to always track the charging percentage of our smart phone which has a lot of apps and which brings the world in front of us .In today’s life our phone has become one of the important part of our we all have to take care of it properly.

Sometimes people may forget about phone and keep doing their own work and the phone reaches its dead point and gets switched off. Sometimes people put music in the phone and do their household works, after some time it gets switched off.

In night times when people are sleeping the phone can get switched off because of the apps that they are using consumes a lot of battery power. In these situations people may miss some of their valuable information.

So, in order avoid all these type of obstacles we would like to develop an android app that provides a voice alert when our phone reaches 10% of the battery charging and reminds that’s the phone needs to get charged ASAP.

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