Agriculture Updates Android Project


Our Agriculture Updates project discuss everything about providing the SMS updates on various agriculture products as per the user requirements on his GSM or GPRS mobile phone.

The updates may vary from pricing, availability, stocks and need of various products on the market. Basically this will be expected to be helpful for farmers around the state . Since it works everywhere with the mobile signal it does not require internet.

We are also providing pricing details to the customers. This Agriculture Updates app is mainly concerned about the specific group of customers which is farmers. It updates status on various products as per the user choice on daily or weekly basis.


1. Providing price details and availability of stocks, need of various products to the customer.
2. When the data base is updated then the status of the various products are sent to the farmers daily and weekly.
3. By using this application the product details and also stock and price details are sent to the customers through the sms and by the notifications.
4. Providing authentication to the customers.

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