Mobile Informer Android Project Synopsis

Mobile Informer Synopsis:

  • Project Title:   Mobile Informer
  • Project Description: This Mobile Informer project provides is to catch and prevent the miss use of  mobile device by irrelevant users.
  • Time Duration:    4 months
  • Team Size:    Two People
  • Front End:    Eclipse Helios Pulsar
  • Back End:    SQLite (Helper Class)
  • Testing Devices:    Immulator, Android Mobile Devices.


It is now time for 3G mobile services. So now it is era of mobile based systems. So the scope for this kind of smart-phone’s Mobile Informer application is very wide. Android is one of the best open source mobile platforms. All this applications are made for android platform.

Mobile Informer is a mobile application that helps the person or mobile phone provider to upload the Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Missed Calls, Received SMS, Outgoing SMS and the location of the mobile device at the time when the Call or SMS event occurs. So it is as its name suggest, it is a hidden which is not containing any kind of interface but helps a person to track their buddies.

So scope for all this Mobile Informer application is very wide & bright in the future as the smart phone market is growing.

Proposed System


The main objective behind developing this kind of Mobile Informer project is customer satisfaction. And let people use this kind of software for android device and make information more secure and shareable.

  • Hardware Constraints

These applications works fine under hardware supported by all kinds of android phones. The applications are made for android platform only. Currently the applications are working fine for HTC G1, HTC Nexus, HTC Magic, Motorola Droid, Motorola Back flip, Samsung Galaxy and all available android based phones available in market. 

  • Software Constraints 

These Mobile Informer android applications works fine for Smart phones having Android Operating Systems with the OS version 1.5 and above. They all are well tested for android OS version 1.5. So any version below 1.5 cannot able to run these applications.

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