Wireless Innovation Forum PHP Project

Wireless Innovation Forum is system that creates websites which are based on discussion-based. Many Forums are free of cost and many are costly.

I have introduced a Free Forum for my loved visitors. You can download it free of cost and make your online form in few minutes.

Sometimes before Bulletin Boards were very popular but now there place has been taken by Forum .It is a container for various “Boards”.

This Wireless Innovation Forum can be installing via browser and FTP. This can be manage by browser and can be upgraded and expanded by using various plugging.

It have some common features of other websites such as the way the backend admin, browser-managed, template-based layout etc.

You can test Wireless Innovation Forum on a local server such as Lamp /Wamp etc.Some forum are designed for IIS server/window based on Microsoft code.

Existing System:-

1. Things Going Manually
2. Not providing any security to the data

Proposed System:-

Forum application can be use in three different ways:

1) It can be use as standalone application such as CMS or blog.

2) It can be use as Bridged application which can be connected in CMS and share the same database,

3) Or, it may be using as integral part of a CMS as CMS plugin.

We generally judge Forum criteria which might include Security ,Good style and appearance ,admin usability, features and functions ,SEO, visitors usability, Robustness and reliability.

We should always remember that Forums are most vulnerable which attacks all server software. Due to unfortunately some forums has very poor records .So the security has become very much common issue that is why a fine looking new or unknown forum requires some time for becoming popular.


CMS: – By Using This Module Admin can edit the data in website based on the user needs

Home: – This will give basic information about the website like why the website mission of the website

About us: – This will give information about the website about us like about the website

Services: – This module is for keeping the different service provided by the company who is making website by using our CMS tool Like Website Designing ,Web Application Development , E-Commerce Solution ,BPO Services SEO Services

Clients: – This will show our Patterns with who we are working and for witch companies we are doing our projects

Software Requirements:

• WINDOWS OS (XP service pack 2 /windows 2007 Server)
• Visual Studio .Net 2010(according requirement)
• Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
• SQL Server 2008R2(according requirement) Enterprise Edition

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