PC Operated Robo Using Wi-Fi

The main scope of PC OPERATED ROBO USING WI-FI project is to control the Industrial Machines by using Wi-Fi Technology. An embedded project is a combination of hardware and software designed to perform a specific task. The main scope of this project is to develop the application for industrial automation using wire less communication as Wi-Fi embedded technology to reduce the complexity in design.

Wi-fi also known as 802.11b uses radio waves to send information at speeds of up to 11 Megabits per second over a range of up to 300 feet. When combined with a wireless access point or wireless router, it provides users with wireless high speed internet access. 

In our project we tried to demonstrate the wi-fi technology using small application. The project work includes study and design of hardware unit and software. We programmed Wi-Fi module which is interfaced to the micro-controller unit and some analog circuit which in turn drives the loads. So the complete project can be divided in to two modules i.e. Design of the user interface application and the other is the microcontroller Unit and its software which will be written in Embedded C Language.


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