Research Paper for CSE Students on Wi-Fi Technology

It is the wireless network that is fast and reliable and can be used from any place like from home or school or college or from hotel room anywhere. You just need aWi-Fi installed computer or laptop or mobiles. You must use certifies Wi-Fi in your computer.

Wi-Fi is also known as 802.11 as it is developed by IEEE. It can work on two modes ad hoc and infrastructure. In ad hoc different computers are connected to form the network and they are fixed. Ever node can communicate to the rest of the nodes. Or you can say that it peer to peer connection. This network is used for small area like you are in meeting then you can create this network. Infrastructure mode used RF enabled node. It this you can use mobiles node to connect with the different access points. You can freely with your mobile devices in the network area. Usually Wi-Fi uses 2.4 GHz of frequency.

To have Wi-Fi connection use need and station that provide network to the area and create access point for the connection. An AP might one interface that in necessary for the connection and the STA. Bridging software that work between the user and servers. This network similar to the mobile network, antenna is required to send the radio signals and many ports are defined for the connections. Port is used to connect point to point with the device.Network has multiple ports and multiple devices can be connected together.

They radio waves that are fast and low power consumption’s  This connection is not end to end secure they just secure their wireless network from outside interference or unwanted users. For that they use PIN number or password in access points.

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