Pace Maker Demonstration Unit Project


In the body, the heart is the main vital organ, which works continuously without any rest since the baby is in the womb until the death.

There is no rest for the heart and works at a rate of 72 beats per minute on an average, in a healthy person day in day out. In order to make the heart work, there is a specialized tissue located on the heart muscle and is known as Sino-Atrial node or abbreviated as S-A node.

This node generates impulses at regular intervals, and is under the control of autonomic nervous control system, and is popularly known as “natural pacemaker”.

In certain physiological conditions or with certain diseases related heart, the working of S-A node is impaired and in those circumstances the heart does not stop all at once, and provides sufficiently long time for the ultimate failure.

In such cases, there is occasional missing of a heartbeat, initially, and the disease progresses slowly, and the missing heartbeats increases in its frequency, which will lead to other problems, if not attended.

In such cases an artificial pace maker is devised and this instrument identifies the missing heart beat and provides its own pulse at the site stimulating the heart, so that ceased heart beat is continued.

In the proposed project, a micro controller based unit is devised which continuously monitors the ECG waveform, to identify the missing heart beat.

When ever it identifies the missing heart beat it provides the stimulating of sufficient energy, to make the heart function. The proposed project clearly demonstrates the function of the Pacemaker.

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