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Students who are searching for Jobs can send resumes with their final year project to, We are linked with job consultancies, so we will send your resumes for further processing.

In present scenario many companies are recruiting freshers based on technology used in there academic project .So by submitting your project you can increase your chances of getting interview call.

You need to Upload:

  1. Final year project Abstract, Source code and Documentation.

  2. If any experience in live projects from any institutions you can submit your entire project.
Zip all above mentioned & send to info.1000projects{at}

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  1. Sir!i’m study in diploma mechanical engineering,i didn’t know anything these topics. Which means seminars please help me and tell me one model,send to me one model for my email address. I’m wait your’s reply bye sir’s

    1. hai Nitin sir,
      i am sooraj, studying chemical engineering 1st in MVGR college of Engineering ANDHRA PRADESH ,INDIA
      i am very much interested in doing projects ….
      sir have u seen any projects regarding the chemical engineering ?
      so plz suggest me the best projects that i can do in my undergraduate level..!!

  2. sir i am final year ECE student i want a project for plant irrigation system by controlling water pump with a mobile phone

  3. Pliz help me and send details on an “Access Control by Personal Remote Identification” most likely use either the CMOS technology microcontroller from Texas Instruments

  4. In fact i am in my final engineering year and i wold like to get detailed information on “Access Control by Personal Remote Identification” project. Thank you!

  5. sir, i am studying in mcs last year and want some major projects with documentation in C language and also android . please help me.

  6. Hi All,

    This is Jeevan, i am an ITIM Student i am looking for a project which is related to Networking. can you please help me in finding the same. you cam mail me on [email protected]

    Looking for the project.


  7. sir iam shivakumar IAM STUDYING MBA 2ND YEAR.I want project related to project title is recruitment and plz send me

  8. sir m anvi..studing in 2nd year..i want topic for my term paper related to electronics and communication…so pls suggest

  9. sir iam the final year student i have want project about mechanical barnch please send me name of project and there abstract please………..!

  10. Hello,
    can I get please codes for a web based design page which should do the following:
    1) teacher creates Java assignment(program) + marking scheme.
    2) student will solve the assignment (Java program).
    3) the system(web page ) will compile and run student program and then mark it based on marking scheme that teacher provided, and finally save mark in database.

    Im using XAMPP sever so Im working in local host using PhpMyAdmin .
    help would be appreciated, and send me codes on my email please.

  11. Hello,
    I need a paper presentation abstract related to eee branch. The topic should be oriented to general applications like used in agriculture,etc.,
    Please help me in this

  12. i want project n digital phase selector or sms based meter or any project related to power system
    please notify me with cost thank you

  13. Dear Sir,
    Could you please download this paper from IEEE?
    Trading Speed for Low Power by Choice of Supply and Threshold Voltages.
    Thank you very much

  14. Sir i am student of software engineering.i am in final year but no idea about final year project. please help me. thanks

  15. Mechanical Engineering – Final Year Project Ideas

    Benefits of final year project
    Your final year project (BE or ME) can help you in the following ways:
    1. You can increase your overall percentage by scoring 90 to 95% marks through a good project.
    2. An industry-oriented project can add extra weightage to your resume and help you get a good job in the core mechanical industry.
    3. A technically good project can give you an added advantage if you are planning for higher studies in US, UK, Germany etc.
    Hence, make your final-year project valuable even if it takes a little more time and effort.
    Choose the right industry
    You can choose one of the following industries for your project:
    Aerospace, Automobile, Marine, HVAC, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Turbo-machines, Machine-tools, Appliances etc.
    Choose the right type
    You can choose one of the following types:
    a. Experimental Projects:
    a.i. This type of projects need good lab-facilities and hi-tech instruments for measuring your experimental set-up accurately. Only IITs and IISc have such facilities. Students from Tier II and private colleges try their best but mostly end-up in cooking-up the results or change the project at the last moment due to non-availability of the above facilities.
    a.ii. Also it involves more time and cost for setting up the project for those students who are already tightly scheduled with final-exams or campus interviews.
    a.iii. This type is feasible for those who don’t have such constraints.
    b. Design Projects:
    a.i. CAE Projects – Stress analysis, dynamic analysis etc. of aero, auto or mechanical systems can be done through these projects. New design, Improving performance, optimization can be accomplished. FEM based software like ANSYS, NASTRAN, RADIOSS, HYPERMESH etc. can be used.
    a.ii. CFD Projects – Flow analysis, Thermal analysis, Aerodynamics improvement are the typical projects. This uses software like FLUENT, STAR-CCM+ are used for CFD analysis.
    a.iii. Flexibility and accuracy are the major advantages in this type of projects.
    a.iv. However it needs some additional training. To know more…
    Job Opportunities
    Interviewers give more weightage for good projects.
    CAE or CFD projects in Aerospace and automobile systems have more job opportunities in India, US, Europe and Japan.
    At the same time HVAC, Oil & Gas, Marine have good opportunities in Gulf.
    Choose a RELEVANT project
    Go ahead and choose the right project using the above factors. All the best….
    Some Project Titles.
    CFD projects in Automobile Industry
    Design Optimization of Diesel Engine Manifold using CFD Simulations
    Improving the mileage of a passenger car through aerodynamics re-design using CFD Techniques
    CFD projects in Aerospace Industry
    Prediction and minimization of drag on an aircraft wing using CFD Analysis
    Design of aircraft safety systems using CFD analysis
    CAE project in Automobile Industry
    Design optimization of chassis of a truck using CAE analysis
    Redesign of a suspension system for passenger car using CAE analysis
    CAE project in Aerospace Industry
    Design optimization of nose-cone frame of an aircraft using CAE analysis
    Performance optimization of wing-box of an aircraft using CAE analysis
    More projects…

    The choice of the industry can be based on your interest or based on future job-opportunities.

  16. Sir, i am student of MBA in HR, pls help me to prepare synopsis and final project.

    I will be grateful to u.


  17. sir iam final year bca student,I want to do project about online regional health centre management I want synopsis,all documentation with DFD and source code in ASP.NET using c# with sql server 2008.Please help me sir,if you don’t mind please send this to my email today itself

  18. sir i m a mca 2nd yr studen i hv a artificial intelligence ppt presentation repor. so plz help me
    and format is like this
    Slide 1: Title of project.( Artificial Intelligence )
    Area of project.
    Internal guide name. ( Monika Shinde Mam )
    Name of the student. ( Sanjivani Narayanrao Wagh )
    Seat no.( 32 )

    Slide 2: Abstract.

    Slide 3: Project Motivation.( Why this project? )

    Slide 4: Existing work of that topic.( Current research )

    Slide 5: Proposed system.
    Goal of proposed system.

    Slide 6-23: Header( Name of the seminar topic )
    Footer( No. of slide )
    1) All content & cream of your topic.
    2) Whatever you did in your seminar.
    3) What you want to explain to audience.

    Slide 24: Any questions?

    Slide 25: Thanks.

  19. Please,i am a final year student studing electrical & electronic.i need a comprehensive projects on construction and design of fire alarm.

  20. Pls anyone with any useful information on this my project topic * a model design of an electrohydraulically controlled parallelogram linkage mechanism for product transfer* pls help am in state of dilema am so confushed i hv exhausted very known means to solve this project to no avail pls help me and GOD bless u. My mail address is [email protected]

  21. help me to download ieee paper
    A Network Management System for a Heterogeneous, Multi-tier Network,located here A Network Management System for a Heterogeneous, Multi-tier Network ieee paper

  22. Sir/Miss/Ms i’m studying bca 3rd year i have to do my project but i havent find any topic that i found it to understand,so can you please help me to suggest any topic project in java.Thank you for your kindness,its urgent please if possible.

  23. Sir , i am studying bca 3rd year.i have select “Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter”.the language using plz help me sir.

  24. Sir , i am studying bca 3rd year.i have select “Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter”.the language using plz help me sir.

  25. Sir,I am studying 5th yr Communication Engineering. I want to do mini project.Please send me a TITLE regarding wireless communication

  26. hi my name is hilly i am a student of the mechanical engineering in product design and development .i want a title for final project and seminar tile .so pleas help me.or send to me a title for the final project and seminar related to the product design and development. thanks for all.

  27. Sir, i’m studying B.E(C.S.) 4 year i have to do my project but i havent find any topic that i found it to understand,so can you please help me to suggest any topic project in java.Thank you for your kindness,its urgent please if possible.

  28. Sir,
    i am studying in 3rd year EEE .i want to presentation skills laboratary topics( eletrical oriented ppt file ) .so send me please help for my study.

  29. i want ppt for matlab project name ;rhythn of motion extraction and rhythm based crossmedia allignment for dancing videos

  30. i want ppt for matlab project name ;rhythn of motion extraction and rhythm based crossmedia allignment for dancing videos

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  31. sir,

    I want to do my M.E final year project in power electronics oriented medical using project. plz give any project title or any idea. send ur suggestion to my email id. my mail id is [email protected]

  32. sir , i am computer engineer student.i have selected final year project that is “HOTEL MANAGEMENT WEBSITE” in .NET ….help me sir!!!!

  33. Hi
    I need someone who can help to Article
    Please code your Full Article
    Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Cloud
    Email me

  34. sir, this, is lavanya,studying final year ECE.i want to do my project on embedded systems.but i havent find any topic .so,pls help me to suggest project title and abstracts. if it possible send to my emailid urgently sir. email id is [email protected]

  35. Sir , I am btech final year student I want to do my main project on geotechnical engineering .
    so please kindly requesting you to help me with advanced topics related to geotech…

  36. hai guys plz any one of u can give me an idea on projects that can be done during undergraduate level in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING…

  37. yes i would like to share my projects but what kind of advantages i will get for submission of project?

  38. sir i studying IT 4 yr i have confused for final year project sir domain paper selected data mining athula topic edukarathu confusingka iruku sir tell me sollution

  39. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I am doing my MBA .I want to do a major project in finance involving a financial modelling for my 4th semester.In case you have a financial model, kindly oblige me by sending the same and suggestions for such project.
    Thanks & Regards!

  40. am cse 4th year sir can u help me on my major project title is “secure of e-banking security”can you send report and coding in using java.

  41. Sir I am MBA student i need a final semester project i have chosen a shipping and logistics project in that which topic i can choose tell your suggestion

  42. dear sir this is ayub mohammed from Ethiopia I need the project for graduation I am GC BY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING and I want you to guide me to be a competent with international student

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