Optical Mouse Seminar

Optical Mouse technology Seminar Topic with Full report covers

  • Data Interface
  • Inside a Mouse
  • Inside an optical Mouse
  • Benefits of optical mouse

Computers and laptops is need of our day – to – day life. While using computers we need a mouse to go through all the processes of our computer right from selecting a file to checking the contents of a file. In this paper we will go through the use of an optical mouse. Usually people using desktops use wired mouse where as people using laptops use wireless mouse or optical mouse.

In this document we will go through the introduction to optical mouse and some other topics related to this optical mouse are data interface, how does it work, what does it contain, and benefits of optical mouse and optical technology.

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Optical technology uses optical sensors to sense the movements of a mouse or any optical device. Here optical technology is being used instead of track ball normally used in the mouse. Light pens technology refers to optical technology. They have a very quick reply as soon as the touch the device they are used for.

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 Data Interface:

There is always a connectivity being required between mouse and computer this connectivity is being provided by data interface. Data interface is cable connectivity provided to build and interface between computer and mouse for communication. This data interface allows the mouse to connect to computer and send and acknowledgement back about the position of the pointer.

How do Mic Work:

Very mouse contains two important components that are the wheels inside with rectangular slots in between. There are LED’s shining through the slots. There is also transmitter placed over there which controls the voltage. One of the wheels rotate in horizontal manner whereas other wheel rotate in vertical manner.

Optical Mouse Working:

The optical mouse sensors contains LED’s . it uses CMOS sensors. CMOS transmits an image to digital signal processor based on the movements of the mouse. Benefits of optical mouse are, they are weight less, increases accuracy, works on almost all kind of surfaces, increased tracking speed.

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