CSE Term Paper on Optical Camouflage

Optical Camouflage works on invisibility feature.  Its functionality is as, the person who wants to be not visible have a garment which is similar to raincoat. The garment is made up of special material and from the other side another person stands before first person from a specific location. Now the second person can see through the cloak, first person becomes invisible. Now again if the second person views the first person from different location then he could see a person with a garment. 

The concept works on augmented-reality technology, a technology by using graphics can change the view display of computer or screen of television. The cloak which enables invisibility feature has special material named retro-reflective material; the material indeed is covered with thousands of beads. These beads reflect light as light falls on them in the same direction of light rays. 

The system which makes a person invisible requires all the below components: A garment made with reflective material, a video camera, a computer , a projector and a half- silvered mirror called combiner. 

The drawback concerned with the present system is implementation of Optical Camouflage needs to have high external hardware and the invisibility feature works from only one point of view. Our future work is to ensure that image can be viewed from various viewpoints with H.M.P .

In the real time, this technology can be implemented in various applications it can be a pilot in aeroplane, or can be a doctor in hospital and even driver. In future we can see advancement in field of teleconferencing where a person can be seen at different places at same time.

Download  CSE Term Paper on Optical Camouflage.

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