CSE Seminar Report on Optical Ethernet

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Optical Network Architecture:

LAN forms basis for all fields like commercial, can be research and even data communication. But a present application asks for higher bandwidth so that huge data is sent. Ethernet which is a cost-effective technology is being used for all local area networks.

For high speed a transmission medium called coaxial cable is used along with repeaters. And using transceivers around 250 machines can be attached via transceivers. So that maximum speed can be obtained. Optical Ethernet is a technology which helps Ethernet to extend LAN into MANS AND WANS. Where the usage of Ethernet LAN is mostly in enterprise applications where as optical Ethernet is providing service I.e. it is responsible for delivery of data on time to different users based on their requirement.

. The data is sent via frames. An Ethernet frame consists of the fields with minimum packet size and maximum packet size, both source and destinations address, and also a protocol-type field. And the address fields needs to be globally unique.

 The advantages of optical Ethernet includes, less cost i.e. Ethernet cost is less when compared to current SONET technology used these days. Ethernet is simple technology. Ethernet supports IP :traffic as IP and Ethernet together and Optical Ethernet supports all types of applications it can be either voice applications or data applications.

In this paper we have discussed as cost effective approach in present day situations which are aiming at higher bandwidth for sending huge data i.e. implementation of Ethernet.  We have also discussed in detail about Ethernet and how it works and also the security implementation. And when it is compared with present technologies we have concluded that it Ethernet performs well in all cases.

Download  CSE Seminar Report on Optical Ethernet.

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