Optical Satellite Communication CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Optical Satellite Communication Seminar Topic:

The paper is about increasing the power concentration. It can be done in many ways such as increasing the crosslink frequency. And the development of this kind of hardware is still under development. This problem can be overcome by using optical frequencies with available hardware.

 Communication links plays a vital role in space infrastructure. And communication links are placed between space crafts. And these links reduce the number of stations to serve the system. There are several links between the crafts. A link between LEO and GEO space craft is used for posting data from LEO to ground in real time.

The link from GEO to ground is established with microwaves as the communication should withstand all weather conditions. Whereas the inter link can be implemented using microwave or optical technology. The optical technology has wide advantages compared to that of microwave.

The antenna used by optical is much smaller than when compared with microwave. And even beam width of optics is less compared to that of microwave.

The SOUT which is a program given by ESA is used to fulfil the data speed at around 2mbps. And the detailed design and modelling of SOUT was provided in this paper and confirmed with high confidence that unique terminal design is built.

 The very next step of the program involves integration of programme and testing of terminal. This terminal is used for testing the performance of subsystem called PAT and also for verification of structure and configuration of SOUT.

The paper is about improving power concentration using various programs. A program SOUT was introduced and compared to existing system where development of hardware is typical. 

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