CSE Seminar Topic on Optical Discs

Introduction to Optical Discs Seminar Topic:

Characteristics of Optical Discs:

An optical disc is a kind in the storage media which is made up of plastic, lacquer and metal and can be viewed in round, flat in shape. These disks are also portable in nature. Significantly, information, movies, software, photos can be stored in the optical disks.

The optical disks have microscopic pits and lands the pits are called as the indentations and lands are called as the flat areas and these are located in the middle layer of the disc. Generally the items in the optical disc are stored in a single track, which will twist to the end of the disc from the center of the disc. Similar to the hard disks the single track is classified into various sections.

Variations in the types of Optical Discs

There are different type of  optical discs present  these are explained in detail  1 a compact disc or CD-ROM in this the data is stored with the help of laser technology .customer can read the data but cannot edit the data or remove the data .

2) compact disc-recordable it is used for  multipurpose  at a time we can write the data or read eth data but one disadvantage  write  can be done only once  and here text as well as audio files ,and video files can be stored .here also we cannot clear the data.

3) compact disc-rewritable in this type of discs we can read as well as write not for one time but form many times .it also saves  pictures in the jpg format .

4) picture cd  it stores the  data in digital format   this also uses jpg format only

5) digital versatile disc-read-only memory or digital video disc-read-only memory it contains a very large amount of memory   that we can read and write but cannot erase   this is costly compare to other types

6) DVD Blu-ray Disc-ROM  this is the most expensive Rom with  more efficiency  and better performance including write ,read, erase  better than DVD  IN THIS THRE  are many versions are provided   DVD+R, DVD-recordable formats, DVD-R.

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