Holographic Memory Seminar

Holographic Memory seminar report consists of

  • Abstract
  • creating hologram
  • Retrieving hologram
  • Recording of data in holographic memory system

Computer Memory storage is most important concern for people using computers. Larger companies which need more data storage space they use data centers which store large storage systems for them. They also provide solution as holographic memory.

Holographic Memory Introduction:

Holograph memory storage technology is a developing technology in the field of memory storage. It stores about 1 TB of memory in crystal of cube shaped. Conventional storage system is not advance as hologram storage systems. It is necessary to meet the increasing needs of data storage system it was necessary to introduce such as method of storage which will store large data, and allow faster access of data.

Holographic memory ppt presentation video over view.

What is Holograph:

Holograph is a interface of two light source which contains block of sheets of photosensitive material. While creating a holograph, beams of light are split into two beams. These two beams are known as source beam and reference beam. And the result of this is collected on the photosensitive material which results in a holograph. This recorded holograph can be viewed with the reference beam. This reference beam in projected with the same angle as it was projected at the time of recording. Regeneration of the refracted light takes place as the light hits the recorded beam. Then the copy of source beam is sent holograph which can be read by optical sensors.

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Applications of Holograph:

Application of holographic system to the binary manipulations. Spatial light modular is the one used for creating binary information.

Following steps take place when holography is used.

a.)     Retrieval of data from holographic system.

b.)    Page data access

c.)     Multiplexing

d.)    Wavelength Multiplexing

e.)    Spatial Multiplexing

f.)     Angular multiplexing.

Merits of Multiplexing

a.)    Larger storage capacity about 1TB.

b.)    Faster data access speed.

c.)     Need to provide

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