Android Operating System Project Abstract

Introduction to Android Operating System Project:

The Android is a software application for the mobile phone and devices that has been depended on Linux kernel. The Android has innovated and developed by the Google inc. and Open Handset Alliance which is also known as the Consortium of the companies includes Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, The T- Mobile, Sprint Nextel and NVIDIA. 

The software application has been coded in JAVA language. The Android device is regulated by the Google JAVA libraries. 

The Android platform architecture consists of hardware instrument like ARM Processors, SQLite, Dalvik, Virtual machine. The operating systems includes Apps, Framework, Libraries, the Linux kernel. The network connectivity is provided with GSM, 3G, EDGE, Wi- Fi. 

The various versions has been developed till now they are Cupcake, Donut, Éclair. 

The features of Android 

  1. Open source to explore and free for users to download
  2. Complete community support
  3. Wide media support
  4. Embedded webkit engine
  5. High class developed environment 


The Android has explored the future possibilities of mobile applications. By the use of API libraries and application connection the hardware is accessible with controlled manner. The Android has been gone ahead to iPhone in year 2012. The Android application is now been used by many mobile phone and in future it will take over all other applications.

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