Online Patient Management System Project in Java

Online Patient Management System Project is a web based patient monitoring application. This application is developed in java using oracle 10g database. Main idea is to provide solution for patients who are away for hospitals can solve problems using this application.

Online Patient Management System Project

Existing System:

Existing system has no facility to know the camps schedule details. This system is not having the facility to share past Experiences. This System has no facilities of Discussion Forums and mail generations. Diseased Women (Patient) is not having the facility to raise the queries about the diseases.

  Problems in Existing System:

  •  There is no facility to communicate patients directly with the doctors.
  •  And there is no facility for patients to post the queries to doctors , their doubts about the cancer diagnosis.
  •  There is no facility to give the  solutions for patient queries by doctors.
  •  There is no regular news letters will be send to the patients by doctors.
  •  There is no facility to view the articles about the cancer and downloading easily.
  •  There is no chatting facility between doctors and patient.
  •  There is no MCQ Tests  in existing system to find the initial symptoms of cancer.

Online Patient Management System Modules Overview:

The Modules involved are

  1. Admin
  2. Doctor
  3. Woman Welfare Organizations
  4. Patients

Admin Module:

  1. Admin collects the details of all hospitals and activities and Enters that details into the site.
  2. Admin adds different medical activities in a village.
  3. Adds the Reward details, and rewards can give to the doctor.
  4. View the doctor Lists and patient lists .
  5. View the rewards given list.
  6. View the woman welfare organization details.
  7. Register the doctors and woman welfare organizations details.

Doctor Module:

  1. View The Reward details
  2. Give the details of MCQ tests and post the questions for that tests.
  3. View the patient queries and give the solution.
  4. View His Personal Profile

Patient Module:

  1. View all the doctor list details, Activity details.
  2. View the MCQ Tests and participate in MCQ Test.
  3. Raises the queries related to diseases.
  4. View The Woman Welfare Organization Camps Schedule List.
  5. View and share their experiences through the site.

Woman Welfare Organizations:

  1. Post the developed disease articles and view the articles.
  2. Give the schedule of camps and view the camps schedule list.

Download Online Patient Management System Project in Java

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