Online Verification System Project Synopsis

Online Verification System

Verification process in other words background verification is very important nowadays for a lot of companies. It actually allows companies to validate the info provided by their employees are true and correct without any discrepancies.   

User Types: Admin, user, verifier

Admin will basically approve verifier login. Admin will also validate all data has been posted to the portal via a user and gives final approval for a submitted proof and details once a verifier validates the data. This portal will have 2 step validation process making it a secure and accurate verification system. Admin will upload content related to rules for different sort of documents which need to be uploaded by a logged in user and also set up rules which will be considered while verifying data provided by a user for a logged in verifier.  

The verifier will log in and validate the details and attachments that have been uploaded by a logged in users as per criteria and rules for documents that are needed. Once verifier validates the details provided and verifies the attachments uploaded by the user, he or she will update verification status for a particular user. This will be then sent to admin for final validation approval or verification approval.

The user will register and once registered they will have a dashboard which will show them rules related to various points under scrutiny. Once registered they will have different modules where they will save the details whichever required.


  • Personal Details
  • Educational details
  • Professional details
  • Documents
  • Login / Logout
  • Dashboard
  • Admin

Personal Details: This module will ask the user to save details like First name, Middle name, Last name, DOB, Marital status, Residential Address, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Spouse Name if married,  Email, Phone Number, Alternate Number, City, State, Country.

Education Details: User has to save all details related to 10th, 12th Graduation and post.Information related to certifications.

Professional details: User will save all details related to job exp and companies wherein he or she worked previously. Date of joining in the current organization.

Documents: User will upload related documents to verify the professional details saved in the portal.

Admin: Will have a grid to approve and validate data related to a user for final approval. Admin will also have a grid to approve verifier login. Reports will also be provided to see how any users submitted data, how many validated by the verifier, how many users have been validated completely. Different type of reports can be added depending on the requirement.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can come up with SMS / email alerts for registration messages, validation complete messages etc.
  • We can provide reports module with the different type of reports for admin login related to sales, order and customer reports.
  • We can introduce plans like getting contracts from different organizations and managing users on the basis of organizations.
  • We can add payment related module for online renewals related to licenses concept related to organizations.

Technology to Use

Design and Markup

– HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery

– Bootstrap / Angular JS

Server side

– PHP OR .Net with framework



– SQL Server

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

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