Online House Rental Management Java Project

House rental portal is a webpage where house owners, clients, customers can exchange information effectively and inexpensively.

Provides user-friendly interface, satisfying the needs of the consumers.

Employs a new strategy that facilitates easy management of rental houses.



This module is operated by the user who is the owner of the property and wants to give it for rent. The owner should register with an application which will be authorized by the client. The owner can upload room details, pictures, location, rent ..etc. which comes under owner module. The owner can view the house and add house form his module.


This module is operated by a client who is an admin to this application who will look after users registering with the application (owners and customers ) and active and deactivate them.


This module is operated by a customer who needs to register with the application. A customer is a person who is looking for rent. The customer is activated by client and customer can search based on specifications and get results about rent details.

Output Details:

  • Home Page:
  • Owner Registration Page:
  • House Owner login Page:
  • House Owner home Page:
  • View Owner profile page:
  • Add House details:
  • View added House details:
  • Client login:
  • Client Home:
  • View owner and activate:
  • View user and activate:
  • Customer Registration:
  • Customer Login:
  • Customer Home Page:
  • View Profile Page:
  • Search Houses:
  • Results Page:
  • About us:


  • Online rental house portal is designed to meet every aspect of the consumers.
  • Features commercial and residential properties for the sale and rent properties.
  • To simplify work for the rental managers so that work can be efficient and effective.


  • The housing sector remains vigilant to face the challenges of the change of the existing system.
  • People migrating to other cities or states either for different purposes.
  • Finding a shelter, which fits all the requirements of the customer is hard, most of them don’t match their needs.

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  1. Can i get the sorce code and report for online house rental management plz
    I have to submit it by wednesday
    Plz mail the sorce code and report

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