Food Ordering System using Context Aware Computing Project


In this Food Ordering System project, pop-up messages will inform the user about the existence of this application in the mobile device once moving from one location to another. This Food Ordering System application provides more comfort for the users in ordering the food and to avoid the railway catering system.


  • Uses the GPS from Android mobile to match the current location.
  • Automatically sends a message for Order once it is placed.
  • Displays on the Screen a message.

Existing System:

  • The user needs to Order the Food from the platform which seems to be unhygienic food.
  • Food which ordered not correctly packed
  • Use of unhygienic plastic to serve food

Proposed System:

  • In this Food Ordering System project, we use the GPS of an Android-based Smartphone to record and analyze various locations that could give alert to the user, then asking the user to select particular food from given hotel list and place an order.


  • Device Background module
  • Phone Orientation and Location module

UML Diagrams:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Download the Food Ordering System using Context-Aware Computing  Android App Project

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