Online Vehicle Insurance Management System Project Idea


This Insurance Management System project is a website or web application mainly for persons who are willing to buy insurance for their vehicles. Through this website, it will be easier to find a suitable one.

The main intention of building this website is to provide users to choose their budget and the best package for their vehicle. We have tried to maintain all the information about the insurance plan which is easily understandable to the users and makes it easy to find the plan.

This system helps the user to get a different kind of insurance.


The Online Vehicle Insurance website is to provide services for people who need insurance by getting help from the agents.

There are seven main modules in this system.

User Login:

In the login section, a user can log in to his account using his user id and password to share and update all the information like vehicle type, age, location, last insurance date, and contact number and he/she can submit the information.


In this module, the user can register the plan in which he/she is interested in providing the vehicle number, PUC, other papers of the vehicle, E-Mail, and ID proof.

Why take insurance:

In this module, people who are interested in insurance but have some confusion will find some Q&A here like,
• Why should people take insurance?
• What happens when I give or take insurance?
• How many plans are available? What kinds of plans are there
• Is taking insurance good?

Insurance Types :

• Liability Insurance
• Collision Insurance
• Personal Insurance
• Comprehensive Insurance


• Recent Policies
• Product

Expiry Date:

• Car type
• Car Registration
• Select Policy

About Us

This webpage serves information about the developers of the website.
Address of the developers and their contact information.

Data Flow Diagram:

Vehicle Insurance System DFD

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