Discovering Application Consistency Service Project Report

Discovering application Consistency service project report explains about maintaining a secure and consistent application between customer and service provider. This type of applications is mostly used in web-service environment. It provides customer satisfaction by providing services without aborting at any situation by using algebraic framework. This project report covers limitations of existing system, improvements in proposed system, modules description, block diagrams and sample code. This application is developed in java platform.

existing system faces two error problems one which causes from coding side which is called backend errors and one which occurs at front end which is called forward errors. In present scenario if any task is in complete it will check for alternative task for replacing it else it will run remaining tasks by leaving this task behind. Which will not provide accurate service for customers? This project report will explain about new proposal which can solve this problem and provide better service for customers.

This application is developed in four modules. Software specification module, assign properties module, service composition module and atomicity sphere module.

download Discovering Application Consistency Service Project Report.

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