Online Examination and Course Management System Project in Java

 Online Examination and Course Management System Project in Java is useful for conducting Examination through franchises of the Educational institutions are carried out manually.  Institutions are sending questions papers to the franchises for examination and collect the answer sheet from the franchise all these things are taking lot of time and required heavy physical strength.

Online Examination and Course Management System

Institutions are frequently conducting the exams and they have to maintain the variation of questions from one exam to another exam for different times. This will take lot of time and also a very cost effective. Evaluation of answer sheets and issuing results also takes a lot of time.

All sort of information pertaining to the Exams such as student information, Franchises information, Courses information, Question papers and results etc., is to be done manually.  These types of procedures involve lot of paper work and it will take a lot of time. All the Examinations procedures are carried out using physical strength. 

Over view about this project is provided in this video file.

Online Examination and Course Management System Overview:

With the proposed system, with the minimum cost the examination can be done, which can prove to be very cost effective. The present system developed will give the full information about the institution courses and its exams and it is an interactive and user-friendly interface, it is flexible enough to cope up with the changing trends of the institution. 

The system provides the easy way of the selecting the properties from list of specifications of a particular type of exam.  Thus with proposed system the user can write exam online saving time and trouble to travel all around is not faced. This system will maintain the Exams information for all the Branches of the Head Office as per the details given below.

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