Online Examination Project in Java with Source Code

Online examination project is a web portal which is implemented in java platform. 

This project is useful for students to practice different mock examinations from this site. In present generation most of the examinations like GRE, Toffel, CAT, MAT…etc are conducted through the online system.

This system will help students to get practice to online examination method by taking mock tests from this website.

Online examination portal is implemented in two modules exam admin module and student examination module.

Admin module will add different courses under different branches so students can easily know about test details. Student examination module students should register with the application and select interesting courses and participate in the online test.

online examination project in java source code and project abstract with execution procedure.

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  1. tank u very much for 1000 .

    100000000000000000000000000 times thanks for your projects and documents and seminar reports.

    by radhakrishnan

  2. can anyone pls tell how to download the project or send the link to download it as iam not getting any link to download the source code

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