Online Examination System Project Report in PHP

Introduction to Online Examination System Project:

Online Examination System project is used for conducting online objective test, the test will be customized such that system will have automated checking of answers based on the user interaction. This project helps the faculties to create their own test based on the subject. This also helps the instruction to perform online quiz, test paper such that the academic performance of the students can be increased and can take the feedback from both students and parents.

            While a faculty creates their test paper he has given the permission to add the students who are supposed to write the exams, such that he can conduct test paper to students of different class, so that no student gets a question, different from the syllabus. The results of the exam he had conducted is available to him after the student writes is online examination. All students, faculty, parents, etc. has separate login to this project. Some of the main features of this projects are: it reduces the paper work for the faculty, creates automatic response to the students, such that he can get result weather the answer given by him is correct or not, can generate reports after the examination and can be handover to parents such that they can see the status of his child. Administrator has given the supreme power to add faculty and to manage the entire site. Unregistered users cannot able to attend the online examination, but in future scope there will be an option for this too.    

            On security accepts administrator has the highest authority to edit/delete/create a database, faculty has authority over the students, students can only view the test report weather he is passed or not. Passwords in the database are been stored in an encrypted form, by using different encryption algorithms. For developing this application we use open source languages, like PHP for sever side scripting and MYSQL for database.

Download Online Examination System project Report from this link.

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