Online Project Management System in Educational Institutes

“Online Project management system in educational institutes” can act as a bridge between the students and faculty members. Students do number of projects in their academic year to which a lot of faculty support is required. By using web based application, students can know information about their faculty and their area of interest and based on that information students can get registered to the respective faculty members.

Here in this project students can communicate with their faculty at any time through chat communication barriers. Transparency about student project can be obtained by using project management system. All the projects which are performed can be viewed through project management system. Project coordinator acts as admin. Admin has authority over student distribution in project groups.

Online Project Management System

“Online project management system” is an education based website, which helps the students and faculty to get all the resources about the projects available online. Students can access this website anytime and from anywhere. It is reliable & time efficient approach compared to all links of the website provided by any search engine while searching for course materials.


In manual system, students can get information about the projects provided by other students manually or through online resources such as Free Engineering Study Materials and Youth4work. But in this system, students may not get the related and sufficient information according to our syllabus. The above resources do not provide discussion forums between student and professor to clarify their doubts. There is no proper guidance to the students.


The main aim of this system is to provide sufficient resources regarding to our college students projects according to our syllabus from which students can easily download study materials of their relevant course. The first step is to register in order to access this website.

In this system, we are providing discussion forums between student and professor where students can easily clarify their doubts about their projects. Students can upload their report regarding their project where the faculty can have all the detailed information about the project. Modules of this website are Admin, professor, student, mentor, publisher, discussion forum, security and authentications, reports.


• This creates a user-friendly environment and encourages active learning.
• It provides simple study materials which a student can easily understand.
• This is a student-centered learning.
• Provides quick responses to students in clarifying their doubts.
• Being available to students on an extended basis electronically

Software requirements:-

Operating System : Windows XP/7/8 Programming Language : JAVA Technology : J2EE (Servlets& JSP) Front End : HTML, CSS and JavaScript Data Base : MYSQL 6.0. Web Server : Tomcat 7.0

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