Online Form Requesting System Java Project



Online form requesting system is a project which is used to request a form from our personal mobile instead of going to the administration offices and filling up all the details and waiting to receive for the forms .BY using this online form requesting system users  can apply  for the form from anywhere. This is controlled by admin. Admin will accept the requests and sends an sms to the user to receive the form needed.

Existing System:

Traditionally, online form request is not existed this form request existed manually in the collage. All the form requesting is done manually which takes lots of time. To apply any form students need to submit application by hand.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system we can implement an android app of requesting for forms(Example: custodian, bonafide and transfer certificate) . In this application a list of passed out students is maintained and students can also apply for transfer certificate online. As soon as they receive sms from the admin they can come and collect the form .




Admin can get login. Admin can add or change the options in the application. Admin can check and approve or cancel users requirements. Admin will add new questions and new topics. Admin can view the application.


Student can get login by filling the registration form. Student can apply for any application online. Student can fill the application form, update profile and view status.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                   : Microsoft Windows 2007/XP

Languages                               : Java Programming Language.

Database System                    : MYSQL


Our project online form requesting system has successful in receiving any type of certificates/forms from the college, we have to do lots of stuff like submitting letters , filling forms etc., but our project has introduced online submission process which saves lot of time.  Our application can help students/users to avoid all these things by implementing an application. Our application has successfully implemented in sending a request to receive any type of forms from the collage.



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