E Tuitions Java Project


E-Tuitions  is a collaborative teaching tool to assist the students to learn in an interactive manner. The main aim of the E Tuitions Java Project is to complement the efforts of teachers to integrate technology and link the students to the Internet in educationally productive ways. This E Tuitions Java application  also provides students a stimulating, positive and enjoyable environment to study. E-tuitions provides a friendly interactive environment.

E Tuitions Java ProjectExisting System:

In the existing system students cant post their questions or find answers in less time. There is lot of communication gap between student and faculty. Student cant retrieve the information about missed classes. All the data or records are maintained manually which takes lot of time in searching. Information in the ppt’s or video classes can’t be updated or edited. Need special focus on maintaining the records. Misuse or loss of data may cause sometime.

Proposed System:

The proposed system maintains all student information in the database. Information can be entered online. Faculty can post answers online where student can see the answers within no time. Student can save video classes and learn anytime and anywhere. Time can be saved and don’t need any special maintenance. Information once stored can be updated, edited and deleted.


Student Login Module:

This module enables students to get logged in or sign up if he/she is not registered . Student can edit their profile. Student can view the details, list, ppt’s  and interactive video lessons categorized by subjects which are posted by faculty. Student can ask questions and find answers for their questions.

Faculty Login Module:

Faculty module  enables a person to login as a faculty member or sign up if he/she has not registered. Faculty can edit their profile. Post  or remove details of the study materials and video lectures.

Administrator Login Module:

Administrator is the ultimate controller of the application with the highest authority. Student/Faculty registration details can be viewed by the admin. Admin will Add or delete the requests send by students/faculty.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap

Database                                 :           MYSQL


From the above discussion we conclude that Implementation of E Tuitions Java Project has been satisfactorily performed the tack of educating students online. Using this application students can experience online learning effectively. The flexibility and global nature of e-tuition has led an increasing number of e-tuition enrollment. With the progressive form of technology e-tuition has grown tremendously. E-tuition application has some disadvantages as we discussed above. Inspite of certain  defects, e-tuitions is very useful application to students.

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