Mini Project on Courier Service System

Nowadays its very important to receive and send many things like important furniture, electronic items, gifts and many more.
Courier service system is very easy and allows many users to perform the job simultaneously.
The courier service system is all about delivering a product to its destination with the help of their personal details like the address of the receiver and other details.
The cost is decided depending on the product and the weight of the product.
We also provide an option of quick delivery but it costs a little more.
The user will always receive a message whenever his/her order is dispatched or delivered or canceled.
It makes the user work easier.


  • Admin module
  • Delivery module
  • User module

Admin module

In the Admin module, Admin has all the control over the Websites.
The admin plays a major role in this application and only admin can add, view and remove item details.
Additionally, the admin has the possibility to add or remove the delivery person.
Before doing the above-mentioned process, at first, the admin has to create a separate login in that Web application.

Delivery module

In this module, the details of the delivery man are notified
A delivery person gets a notification whenever admin matches the delivery person with some order.
Here the delivery person goes to the user/sender, takes the item and checks the weight of the item.
After all this process the delivery person delivers the item to the receiver.
Delivery person’s job is done when the order got delivered.

User module

Here in this module user has to enter the personal details like name, mobile number, the address of the user as well as the receiver, Aadhaar number.
The user should also enter the details of the item like the weight of the item and name.
And the order gets placed.

ER Diagram:

Admin Work Flow

Step 1: Start
Step 2: Admin logs into account and checks the orders which have been received.
Step 3: Admin will approve the orders and allow a delivery person to each and every confirmed order.
Step 4: Admin will send all the information of the user and parcel to delivery person by a message.
Step 5: Admin will send the messages to the user that the parcel is dispatched or delivered or canceled.
Step 6: Stop.

Delivery Work Flow

Step 1: Start
Step 2: As soon as the delivery person receives the message from the admin the delivery person will go to the user immediately.
Step 3: the Delivery person will check all the details entered by the user and checks the weight of the parcel.
Step 4: After checking all the details the delivery person will deliver the parcel.
Step 5: After every step, the delivery person will inform the admin from the account.
Step 6: Stop.

User Work Flow

Step 1: Start.
Step 2: User will log into an account.
Step 3: If the user is not having the account then creates an account.
Step 4: After logging in, the user will enter all the details of the item, receiver, and personal details.
Step 5: If the user wants quick delivery user can select the option for quick delivery.
Step 6: After entering all the details user can see the cost of delivery if it is reasonable user can submit.
Step 7: Stop.

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