Online Crime File Management Java Project Report

Introduction to Online Crime File Management Java Project:

Online crime file management is a web based application that provides a facility for reporting crimes, complaints, missing persons etc. Any number of persons can simultaneously access the server by making a login. The server can be any web server. An SMTP server has to be maintained for temporary storage of emails and jar files to enable chatting facilities.

In the current process when a person has to make a complaint he or she has to go to a nearby police station. This process has many drawbacks like it consumes lot of time, man power, consumes large amount of  work, lacks attention etc.

The online crime file management overcomes all the above drawbacks in the current system. It either reduces or eliminates the  drawbacks and provides a user friendly environment. Following are the advantages of online crime file management they are

  • Ensures data accuracy
  • Reduces damage to machines
  • Minimum data entry
  • Time management
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better service
  • User friendly

The modules employed are

Visitors: Visitors can login into the site and can see the updates made by admin and users. 

Users: Users has the following functionalities

  • Add complaints
  • Add crime reports
  • Add missing persons
  • View missing persons
  • Edit complaints
  • Edit his account
  • Can view complaint status

Administrator: Administrator has the following functionalities they are

  • View and reply to users complaints
  • New admin
  • View and reply to users crimes
  • Add, delete and view missing persons
  • Add and views FIR

Admin had many more functionality compared with other modules

Download Online Crime File Management Java Project Report.


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