Pervasive Computing Seminar Topic

Pervasive-Computing-Seminar-TopicPervasive computing seminar topic explains about its technology features in communication technology by incorporating communication features in microprocessors and its application in health, security, intelligent transport fields.

Pervasive computing is a computing technology which uses user environment for flexible and easy connectivity of different electronic devices which are linked in user environment.

  • Wireless and wired computer communication network devices are used for interconnecting for information transfer. 

This technology is the new method for developing applications in computing, information and communication, power systems, instrumentation and material science fields.

Technologies involved in Pervasive Computing.

Handheld devices along with mini circuits and large circuits and invisible circuits which are used in our daily life are part of Pervasive computing.

Communicate with each other and act ‘intelligently’. Such devices can be separated into three categories:

List of pervasive computing devices which are used as intelligent communication are given below.

Sensors: Devices which detect atmosphere changes, user behaviors, manual commands.

Processors: Processors play important role in analyzing and interpreting data and takes decisions.

Actuators: After data is processer output is delivered using actuators using electronic and mechanical devices.

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