Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report

Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report is useful for computer science students for giving presentation. Download full report with reference links on similar topic.

Nokia Morph Technology
Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report


Morph technical concept can develop mobile devices with some advantages:

–         It can be flexible and transparent and highly seamless.

–         It can auto services like cleaning and self preserving.

–         It’s batteries might be charge with solar in built charger, long lasting and fast to charge.

–         Inbuilt sensors can help us to know about the environment of around us and give us the better choices. 

In addition this devices cost could be less and it could include more functionality in much small  space. 


Morph is a concept that shows how future mobile device can be extended and its flexibility allowing the user to transform their mobile into different shapes. It shows the basic functionality that nanotechnology can deliver: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

 One day Nanotechnology will lead the market by providing low cost and integrated functionality mobile devices. It is also working to create self cleaning mobile devices and increase its life.

There is various technical areas where nano technology are used  :

Nano-enabled energy

          Enhanced energy harvesting and storage

          Enhanced energy density batteries


          Solar cell research

          Energy Harvesting from RF using wideband antennas and Nems structures


The Nano sensors would give power user to examine the environment around them to make their life comfortable by providing the way to examine the air pollution, to gaining insight into the mall traces and process. 


The large number of parallel sensors  that can be measure both either single one or in a  group.

It use new signal processing pattern, new materials to improve sensor characteristic, stability, resolution,  reliability, and processing response time.


Out purpose system focus on :

            Nanoresonator based on optical sensors

            ZnO nanowire base stain sensors

            For nano based computing use new signal process method   

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            The new technical device will be inclusive with some new trend technical feature like   Context aware device which can adapt and transfer functionality according to its tasks and it can be available everywhere , easy of understand GUI, flexible with new power source technology etc.

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