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Hospital Management System Using  Smart Card  is like minicomputer process to run with programming. Smart card system is very secured process to start and access the data in the chip and works as secure data exchange. This smart card data technology is a privacy protection mechanism in handling the personal health information and sensitive information of patients.

Hospital Management System Using Smart Card
Hospital Management System Using Smart Card Project Abstract

It is not an interface to provide display, so smart card readers are used to read the data from smart card only. The operating system of smart card is having two sections.

First card is based on disk-drive and second card is operating system. Smart card has 1k of memory space to maintain the database for patient name, photograph, medical records, and recent treatment and for test reports etc., to help this system patients get their treatment quickly by their doctors.

Emergency room is allocated for emergency patients by using this smart card system. Smart card system has fingerprint facility for entering to access. This is very secured process. Many hospitals does not have smart card technology so they have many problems, paper work is very heavy for that hospital management. So this smart card avoids the usage of paper work.

Better scope of solutions:

Now a day’s wastage of human resources is causing many problems in the world. In the hospitals the patients waste their time for consulting the doctor in the waiting period. Sometimes patients did not get proper treatment in the correct time. So we need computerized system for staff in the hospital management to maintain patient’s medical information details. Currently health records are maintained in paper files that are not an easy process to access for medical staff management.

Hospital Management Using System Smart Features:

  1. Better patient identification: smart card has good security processing in the verifying patient identification details it creates digital signature. So no one can hack the smart card details.
  2. Administrative efficiencies: it creates good communication by admitting the patient with the up-to-date information of patient with smart card so there is no time wasting.
  3. Better medical records: using smart it is efficient and accurate process to maintain patient medical records.
  4. Quality of care: it gives quality of caring.
  5. Reduces health cost: it reduces health care cost.

And etc., 

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