Seminar Report on Cyborg Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Cyborg Technology:

The main objective of this technology is to improve the capabilities of human beings in terms of thoughts and vision, muscle and memory power. Cyborg is an cybernetic organism which will be implanted in the human body which amplifies the capabilities through machine technology. In this paper we will discuss about cyborg and how they are introduced in the human body and how they improve the capabilities of the human being.

Brief into cyborg:

In order to increase the capabilities of a human we will introduce a cyber org in the body which amplifies the capabilities of the person. As the cyberorg is interfaced with machine technology the physical and mental capabilities of the human being gets far extended. A chip is designed which is made of electrodes is injected in the human body which gets in contact with the median nerve to record the reactions and is connected to signal processing so as to stimulate the reactions.

By using this technology we can communicate in a fast process rather than through conventional method of speech.  The first chip implant was performed in 1998 on a university professor, whose cyber org can communicate with the devices and he can control them virtually without the use of hand.

Applications and problems to be occurred:

By using this technology a man can improve his capabilities to the utmost. These cyberorg can be used in military for the soldiers to communicate. By using this technology a person brain can directly communicate with the computer network. There are chances for the hacking of chip and manipulating the information. The differences may occur in the humans among the people using cyberorg and not using them.

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