NIT CSE Project on Server Monitoring with Full Report

Introduction to Server Monitoring Project:

The way of monitoring the service is known as server monitoring and it helps in keeping a check on the client who are connected to with the server. Usually  the database of the clients who are accessing the servers have their data maintenance in the database thus the server monitoring also enable to get the database for getting the informations. The number of times each client accessed the server is also recorded.

At the same time it keeps a track about the total data amount that has been sent to the client by the server. The maximum load capacity of the server at different intervals. The port through which the client is connected is used to keep the log file of all the clients. In order to know the server load this software is used. It enables the administrator of the network to know the amount of load. At the same time he can also come to know the clients who are using the service of the server as well as the access time.  He can also keep a track on the amount of data being sent to the clients along with those who access the servers on a regular basis.

The use of gcc compiler is mandatory because the C language that I used.

IP or TCP protocol is used

For making graphical interface easier wish command should be installed.

Unix is used as an OS.

It is also important to install Mysql in the system.

You must know the root password.

As it is easier to make use of the database instead of files that is why mysql is used. It is also easy for retrieving and querying the results. The C language is basically used as it is compatible with the interface of the programming language mysql. It can further modify to work with the windows.

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