CSE Project for NIT B.tech Students on Shopping Cart Management System with Full Report

Introduction to Shopping Cart Management System Project:

I have implemented the system of order management and online shopping cart system in this project that offers a community for trading. At the same time it also provides an option to sell and buy products through the online shopping system. Registered users can only get the permission to take participation in the process. On the other hand the sellers who are registered can add his items with entire details that usually consist of the product description as well as the seller’s description.

Buyers can also enter into the system and browse as well as search the items he desired to purchase. Users can add products to his cart followed by checkout system. While entering the payment and shipping details you must ensure that you are a registered member. After the deal the system will send a message to the seller. Administrator acts as a third user of this product and he can also add subcategories, categorize, disable, products etc.

This project aims at making the work environment of the shopping market more better. It even computerizes the main portion of the activities that are the part of the daily routine task of the market.  This site will make the searching for the products more easier and similarly the stock management will also become simpler. For computerization, the arguments are more accurate and fast. It provides the exact details of the required informations along with extendable storage life, without any non-retrieval risk.

In turn this will easily increase the productivity. Paperwork can make communication more reliable and simple. It also eases the load of work pressure of the already existing system. Manpower is highly required therefore for the purpose of data entry shipping products and maintenance to the customer’s house. This part of the work cannot be substituted with the system labor.

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