NIT CSE Project on Process Checkpointing and Restarting with Full Report

Introduction to Process Checkpointing and Restarting Project:

In this Project we are approaching a new method of controlling the movement of the mouse using the base of a real-time camera. The existing methods involve changing parts of the mouse like changing the position of the tracking ball or adding of buttons. Here instead of changing mouse parts we proposed to change the hardware design. Our method is to make use of image comparison technology, camera and a motion detection technology to control the movement of the mouse.

We have a latest way to control the function of a mouse using the real time camera method. We lamented the selection of icons as well as the movement of the mouse. Actually this system is based on the mouse detection technology and image compression method. The function of the motion detection system is to do make the movement of the mouse pointer possible along with election of icons. Due to the various detection and lightning it becomes difficult to get stable results.

Usually the algorithms used have issues of illumination. From these algorithms we can assume  that as they work in all environments therefore the system will also give efficient functions. If you have a work space problem and you want to reduce the usage of space then this system is just ideal for it and apart from this it is also useful in presentations. We are also planning to add more and more features to our proposed system in the future like shrinking windows, enlarging windows and closing windows with the use of multiple fingers and palm.

Our current system requires a good technology of illumination for the function of the mouse. Scale changes, hand gestures are also required simultaneously. Many improvements can be made to this system like double clicking, clicking, scrolling and others. This will increase the work efficiency of the of the users.

Download NIT CSE Project on Process Checkpointing and Restarting with Full Report.

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