PMC is used to understand and insight the progression of the project so that correct and appropriate actions can be easily taken when the performance of the project deviates from the plan significantly. The progress aspect of a project includes schedules, deliveries, interfaces, cost, risk, effort, validation, verification and other supporting services amounts. Planned management is captured of these aspects in softwares which can be one of even more.

While coding and design various aspects of this system are taken into consideration. Implementation of important checks is made when needed in order to eradicate the misuse of the system. Various built in tags are used to design this software so that the users can find it easy to use and convenience in understanding while working. This system also allows complete facilities of selection which shows to be user friendly. Flexibility and ease of operation give a further scope of improvement of the system in future.

Each user is provided with a password and login id that redirects the users to enter their respective modules. In case of a DSU user the system will redirect it to its own DSU model. This is a web enabled project and the users who are authorized can only access this. Accessing is allowed from all locations.