NIT Final Year Project Topic For CSE on Resident Database System with Project Report

Introduction to Resident Database System with Project:

This project focuses the NITC quarters and implements a database system along with the required querying facility.


The system of the database will set up through the GUI system and it will include the starting point, a number of the quarter and the name of the resident.


In case if the input is a name then the quarter numbers will be the corresponding output.

In case the quarter numbers are provided then the contact information and the name of the residents will be the result.

The quarters will be highlighted on NITC, a scaled map of the residential areas.

The shortest path distance from an exact location of a particular quarter.

This new proposed system is being developed in accordance to the design specifications and this can also be used in identifying to get the shortest distance of a location from where you are standing. At the same time it also enable to locate a house even in the dense forest areas. Thus it is a blessing for the new visitors as it will help them to get the house exactly they want without having to wander from here to there. Moreover the implementation of the algorithms devised by Dijkstra’s that includes a minimum amount of complexity is quite a difficult job and is also time consuming at the same time.

This requires a lot of time during the state of implementation and programming language of Java is quite suitable for the purpose of coding. Straightening of the curves between the points of junction especially during the implementation period is one of the most difficult job in this entire theory. Usually the junction paths could be of any shape and in order to make it straight one has to introduce more junctions which will lead to increase the running time of the algorithm. 

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