NIT Computer Science Project Report on Implementation of DES Algorithm

To get prevented from the confident warning and the messages public and the costumers this DES algorithm are brought into development. This is a normal private security key like structure which has the presence of various encryption schemes. Here the DES algorithm has various other schemes which are used while developing the system.

Normally there are 64 bits input variables which are then transferred to the 64 bits plain text by using the private security keys. Mainly the 64 bit private key is only used but according to the developer’s team work 56 bit security key meant to be more efficient one. 

DES is mostly executed on the DES backwards. Here while the time of execution we have to start from the start or the basic stage and then move toward the final stage. At the time of the private key generation the input data are numbered from a series of 1 to 64 and here while allocating the bits every eighth bit here is cancelled. 

The hackers and the internet attackers hide their identity by not working on their own computer instead they use the computers of some cyber cafes or computers of some other places. By observing the main needed properties and an active networks related to the traffic’s the developers launched this device which is very useful in finding and tracing out the crimes that are happening in today’s world.

This is successfully done by switching the security in normally on and off condition whenever needed. This algorithm mostly executes on the links of the internet sites which are already present on the internet. It gives many more advantages and also gives successful results while the time of execution. The main device material that is needed here is the record packet header which keeps the important data gained while the time of execution.

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