The Mechanical Working of Metal Mechanical Seminar Topic

The Mechanical Working of Metal Mechanical Seminar Topic is discusses the plastic defomation of metals under action of externally applied forces.

The metal is  subjected to mechanical working  i)To reduce the original block or ingot into desired shape, ii)To refine grain size and iii)To control the direction of flow lines. Depending upon whether the metal is worked above or below the recrystallization temp the mechanical working of metals is decribed as hot working and cold working .

This Mechanical Seminar Report explains processes, advantages and disadvantages of

  • HOT WORKING PROCESSES as Hot rolling,Hot Extrusion, Hot forging, Hot Drawing, Hot spinning and  Hot piercing.
  • COLD PROCESSES   as  Cold rolling,Cold forging,Cold spinning,Cold extrusion, Cold drawing and Cold bending.
  • Recrystallization, the process of forming strain free new grains, in metal, by heating it to a temperature known as recrystallization temperature.
  • Recovery’ may be defined as the process of removing internal stresses due to cold working, in the metal, by heating it to a relatively low temperature.
  • Soldering is a process in which two or more metals are joined by means of another metal that has a melting point
  • FLUX
  • Brazing alloys and techniques and such


The project mechanical-working-of-metals describes and studies the various reasons, ways of how metals are deformed and also gives solution for most of them.

Download The Mechanical Working of Metal Mechanical Seminar Topic.

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