Mechanical Seminar Topics on Military radars

Introduction to Military radars Seminar Topic:

During the World War II the radar technology was developed to detect the approaching aircrafts of the rival countries.  Technology  used in Military radars is transmitters are used to send electromagnetic waves to reach object and then analyze the echoes from the object. After the World war, many other applications found the use of radar led to much advancement which is used in military radar these days. 

These robots are designed in the way that it can be easily moved from one location to other location in a easy way which will increase flexibility of using military robots. In this project we discuss the advances and major uses of current day military radars and how to operate the radars. 

Basic features of military robot should be easily transportable, easily deployed in less time and should be helpful in sense warnings early with good weapon control functions.Key features of today‘s military radars are they can work at day and night. They are capable of working on all weather conditions .The main important parts of military radars are transmitter, receiver, antenna, AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) etc. 

During the wartime to detect the missiles and accurate target detection the military radars play key role. These robots are help in reaching locations where human beings cannot reach and solve problem. There are many applications with these robots which are in detail explained in seminar report. 

For more information on military radars students can download from the following downloading link.

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