Nanotechnology Presentation For ECE & CSE Students

Description: The research paper Nanotechnology Presentation For ECE & CSE Students talks about nanotechnology and its effect over the future. The research paper talks about Nanotechnology as the breakthrough research in the field of computer science engineering. Nanotechnology involves alignment of atoms in a way so as to generate maximum effectiveness. This is a science that depends on the atomic alignment. Atoms thus aligned are said to be very powerful in generating the desired effect.

Nanotechnology in scientific terms is the miniaturization technique. Nanotechnology employs miniature tools and gadgets like nanorobots that hit the target area and bring in the desired result. Nanotechnology as an application might prove to be miraculous in the fields of medicine, automobiles and telecommunication. The effects of miniature gadgets are positively produced without spoiling/damaging the surrounding environment. Nanotechnology also serves effectively in rescue operations for devastating events like earthquake and many more. Nanotechnology takes place at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1-100 nanometer range. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

Surgical procedures and Nanotechnology: The research paper says that Robotic surgical systems are being developed to provide surgeons with extraordinary control over precision instruments. This is particularly useful for minimally invasive surgery. Instead of manipulating surgical instruments, surgeons use their thumbs and fingers to move joystick handles on a control console to maneuver two robot arms containing miniature instruments that are inserted into ports in the patient. The surgeon’s movements transform large motions on the remote controls into micro-movements on the robot arms to greatly improve mechanical precision and safety.

Conclusion: For many a human being nanotechnology might sound both fantastic and imaginary. It requires really extraordinary imagination skills to understand what happens at an atomic level. Nanotechnology is one very promising domain which has in it a potential to answer questions and problems pertaining to tumors, cancers and many more. The incipient domain has a long way to go.

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