PPT Presentation Topics for CSE on Wearable Computing

Introduction to PPT Presentation Topics on Wearable Computing:

The existing system is the device which is used to classify the self interval of the user. This device contains mechanism like sensor measure that measure the heart beat of the user according to the enlargement of the body and mind too. It is enclosed with the clothes that are transparent. The configuration and general settings are very silent here.

This system contains electronic fabrics which has the clothes which are even wash and wear and that have electronics devices and connections made inside it. In this clothes sensor devices are also directly circuited by the use of power distribution methods. The threads of these clothes are made up of very light electronic support metals and polymers etc… one of the cloth named the Silk Organza is a cloth that has two fabrics to make it electric supportive.

A Brand of clothes named Luminex developed a fabric shirt in Italy which contains LED called as the light emitting diode to make the shirt shine. It is also made up of LED fibers which are seen to be a Taylor made clothing style. These fibers are connected with the small rechargeable batters and also a switch to turn the LED’s on and off whenever wanted.

The mechanisms used here to develop this clothing are Sports monitoring, wearable health monitoring, wealth and intelligence monitoring CPU’s. The components used here are Privacy, sensory device, gateways and sensor fusions and some networks too… some of the application used in daily needs is Medical applications which are used in data processing, patient monitoring, Mobile guide and digital image system. In defense a device called Night vision glass which can be used at night time to command the army and also to track the movement of enemies.

This is a fusion of electronic and clothes. They are used like the clothes we use daily. They are also available cheaply in market and the demands of these clothes are also increasing.

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