Mutual Fund Management System Project Report

Mutual Fund Management System Project aims developing a system to automate the Mutual Fund Management System. The system would provide facility for display the profit/loss statement of the MF detail for the particular user/client folio. Our system is also compare with Mutual Fund daily price. Admin can edit information in the database which will be retrieved automatically during the dynamic generation of webpage and also view the client information.

In Mutual Fund Management System some work can be done manually but some cannot be done because it is time consuming and cumbersome to do that work. This system works ASP.Net, but some data entry is necessary which cannot be avoided.

Before developing this project all the problems were identified thoroughly and we performed the analysis on existing system.

Following are the existing system components:

Multiple Portfolio:

Create and Update folio pages includes information about the specific user`s Mutual Fund portfolio.

Purchase Mutual Fund:

Purchase script includes total purchase script detail, which is purchase by particular client.

Sales Mutual Fund:

          Sale script includes total purchase script detail, which are sales by particular client.

Script Search:

Script search includes finding a script using script code or script id.

Watch List:

Watch list include displaying share detail which is included by login user. 

Script Detail:

Script details include displaying stock movement price and stock history weekly.

Overview of the Existing System

In most of the Mutual Fund Management System is based on completely website application.

Drawbacks of the existing system

The current website application is good and successful. But it has some drawbacks as follows:

Existing system is not providing live price for shares.

In existing system online purchase and online sales is not available.

Existing system totally work on the static page.

In existing system not maintain the multiple portfolios.

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